Linkedin In May Receive Deep iOS 7 Integration, Leaked Code Reveals

LinkedIn users may soon find that their iOS 7 enabled Apple devices have received deep integration with the social business platform.

The deeper integration was discovered by 9to5 Mac via code hidden inside the developer beta for iOS 7. The new code makes reference to a single sign-on system that is similar to what Apple offers for deep Twitter and Facebook integration.

The new code appears to show that LinkedIn users will be able to stay logged into their account and share content directly to the service via Safari and other apps. For example, users can take a photo and then share that photo on LinkedIn just as they currently can for Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn will be one of the “share sheets” in OS X 10.9, so it only makes sense that users receive the same type of Safari and Apple Apps sharing on their mobile devices.

The developer who discovered the LinkedIn code isn’t able to comment on other options that might be included. The developer says some of the code needed for deeper integration is missing or still incomplete.

With code missing and Apple still working on the iOS 7 platform there is a chance LinkedIn may not receive full integration at the time of launch. There is also the possibility that the two tech firms have yet to finalize an agreement which in turn has kept the remaining code off the platform.

If LinkedIn manages full iOS 7 integration with Apple iPhone and iPad devices, it could ultimately help the company increase user engagement with a more forward facing mobile solution.

Do you think LinkedIn integration with Apple iOS 7 is a smart decision on behalf of Apple and LinkedIn? Will you be using the platform more often if its located directly inside the Apple iOS platform?

[Image via Mashable]