TWA Flight 800 Investigation, A Lie?

TWA flight 800 crashed in 1996 killing all on board and now, almost 17 years later a new film is casting doubts on the report. But, was it a lie?

According to Yahoo, via CNN, the most stunning news to come from this video is that the accusations are being made by some of the people that put the final report together.

Six experts who appear on the film and belonged to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation team that concluded the crash was an accident are now saying that they were silenced by their superiors, the British publication Mail Online reports.

TWA flight 800 was bound from JFK airport in New York to Paris, France when it exploded off the coast in Long Island killing all 230 passengers on board.

At the time there was speculation that the crash was no accident but the act of terrorism, this is the reason the FBI got involved in the investigation.

Some of the possibilities for the crash of TWA flight 800 were that there was a bomb on board in the cargo compartment or that a missile had hit the plane. Several witnesses stated that they had seen what appeared to be a bright streak moving towards the plane before it exploded.

The final NTSB report blamed faulty wiring connected to the central fuel tank for the explosion, but many conspiracy theorists remained unconvinced.

One of the most vocal skeptics was Pierre Salinger, a former Press Secretary for President John Kennedy and reporter for ABC News who claimed he’d seen proof that the U.S. Navy shot down the plane and then covered it up.

This new video will likely reignite the debate once again after former investigators are speaking and alleging that they were not allowed to discuss the results of the report at the time.

The NTSB and TWA experts speaking on the video, after being retired, do not offer a real cause for the explosion of TWA flight 800, but state the report is wrong because it came from outside the plane.

[Image via NBC News]