Rihanna Rules Over Justin Bieber As Most Viewed Artist On YouTube

Rihanna has knocked Justin Bieber off the top spot to become the most viewed artist on YouTube.

The Bajan queen’s new reign was ushered in some time on Tuesday morning (June 18).

The stats are these: The 77 videos on the “Diamonds” singer’s official VEVO channel have notched up 3,784 billion views (plus) in total.

Bieber, previously dominating with the most YouTube views, has 3,782 bilion views (plus) over a total of 79 videos on his official VEVO channel,

The difference between the two megastars is approximately two million views, making Rihanna the most viewed artist on YouTube.

Billboard notes Rihanna’s soared past Bieber’s largely because of her bigger subscriber figures.

The 25-year-old has 8.73 million subscribers on the video-sharing site, which is 3.7 million more than Bieber’s 4.9 million.

In real terms this means ‘Beliebers’ worked harder to get the “Boyfriend” singer his still impressive stats and may mean a coup could soon be in the offing.

However, Rihanna has a much wider reach as an artist and accordingly has more views on her channel.

Over on Facebook Rihanna also trounced Bieber. She has 72.3 million “likes” compared to the Canadian’s 54.3 million “likes” on the platform.

But lets not forget where Bieber is supreme. The 19-year-old stands astride Twitter with over 40 million followers, a first for him and the social media network. The teen heartthob took Lady Gaga’s Twitter crown in January and hasn’t looked back since.

Next on the pecking order for music artists on YouTube is south Korean rapper PSY with 3.1 billion views, followed by Eminem with 2.4 billion views, Lady Gaga with 2.25 billion views and Shakira at 2 billion.

But if you thought Rihanna’s YouTube might have put her in a good mood, think again.

The pop-R&B star was caught on camera appearing to hit a fan in the face with her microphone when the fan grabbed her arm during a walkabout at her concert in Birmingham, England.

Some of the singers’ fans have since reacted angrily to the incident and compared RiRi’s conduct to Beyonce’s more measured approach when a male fan tapped her posterior at a recent show.

However, there may have been slight mitigation for Rihanna’s behavior. A witness to the incident wrote on Twitter: “[Rihanna] just hit someone with her mic on accident haha oops.”

To which Rihanna replied: “Purpose! That b_h won’t let me go.”

The most viewed artist on YouTube has spoken.