Ivanka Trump: ‘Daughter Arabella Won’t Be A Spoilt Brat’

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Billionaire tycoon Donald Trump, seems to know what she’s doing when it comes to parenting.

In an interview with US Weekly, Ivanka Trump, 31, said she knew she would be strict mother to her 23-month-old daughter Arabella. Trump is already expecting her second baby in the fall.

Ivanka Trump is worth a cool $150 million but said she doesn’t want to let that, or the fact her that her father Donald is worth over $3.2 billion, allow her children to be spoiled or bratty:

“The one thing I won’t tolerate is her being spoiled or bratty or having poor manners. That’s one area I’ll be very strict.” Ivanka continues jokingly: “She’s (Arabella) really good at telling me I have to share with her. She’s less good about actually sharing back.”

In the interview, she continues to talk about how she bonds with her daughter when dressing up together: “She makes me put my heels on her and she can walk in them!”

Ivanka then discusses her mother, Ivana Trump, saying: “My mother laid down pretty concrete guidelines and the concept of ‘because I said so’ was a totally viable option.”

Ivanka Trump suggests that she wishes to continue in the footsteps of her mothers parenting: “Arabella isn’t even 2, so she hasn’t thrown me the challenges of a teenager . . . but I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty strict.”

In a recent tweet on Trump’s Twitter feed, she said:  “Just arrived in Rome. Arabella overheard someone say “pronto” & has been saying it repeatedly (accompanied by a grand hand gesture) since!”

Do you think it is good for parents, especially ones with wealth like Ivanka Trump, to make sure they don;t spoil their kids? Is spoiling kids only about money or are there other ways to spoil them?