'Man of Steel' Success At Box Office And Online

Emma Flint

Despite the apparent mixed film reviews for Man of Steel, not to mention The Inquisitr's recent article on what the film got wrong, the new Superman installment has won over not only the box office but also Twitter users. A new analysis of social network users via PCS Ltd's Social Knowledge platform clearly shows a majority of viewers had love for the film.

The company's software has allowed PCS to take a closer look at all the users that have tweeted about the film. 105,000 tweets were sent over opening weekend and they were helpfully broken down into three categories: positive, neutral and negative, with the positive comments coming out on top with 58,000 positive-focused tweets.

As to be expected on any films opening night, the tweets and comments were at their most fierce Friday within an hour of the films first screening in the United States.

On average, Man of Steel has earned 10.81 percent of comments that review the film as 'awesome', while 9.61 percent gave the film a 'good rating'; all of which means that, in addition to the $128 million mark that the film hit, Man of Steel is loved by the majority of people who have seen it.

With so many people wowed by the film, it's no surprise that reports are already coming in that there could be a Man of Steel 2 as early as next year.

Here's the full study in infographic form:

Man of Steel and Social Media

No doubt if Man of Steel had been observed across all social network sites, the numbers would have been even higher, after all, Facebook is a breeding ground when it comes to film releases, a lot of the time you have to avoid the site unless you want spoilers.

Whether you're in favor of Man of Steel or not, its success speaks for itself.

[Image via SocialDailyNews]