Premiere League Fixture Computer Hates David Moyes: Here's Proof

The Premier League fixture list for the 2013/14 season has been released, and the starting schedule is likely leaving David Moyes and Manchester United fans cringing.

We're guessing that Sir Alex Ferguson's replacement is already nervous enough about taking over one of the most beloved teams in Europe. We're also sure he's even more nervous after realizing these are his first five matches to open the new season:
  • 17 Aug Swansea City A
  • 24 Aug Chelsea H
  • 31 Aug Liverpool A
  • 14 Sep Crystal Palace H
  • 21 Sep Manchester City A
Breaking down that schedule into real terms, we have the Capital One Cup winners on day one followed by Chelsea with Jose Mourinho back in charge at home. Manchester United then goes on to face rivals Liverpool.

Man U then heads home to face off with a newly promoted Crystal Palace followed by match 5 against runners-up Manchester City.

The Premiere League opening schedule for David Moyes led Yahoo Sports writer Brooks Peck to joke:

"What did Moyes ever do to the fixture computer to deserve such an unfriendly start in his new job? Did he once try to use it to play solitaire while downloading virus-laden pornography and feature-length films in gif format?"

While playing your two biggest rivals and Chelsea in a five match opening spread isn't ideal, it could work to Moyes' advantage if he can push Manchester United towards some early momentum. At the same time some well placed and early wins could close down the doubters and draw in quick support for the teams new head coach.

If you're feeling down there is some good news, the 2014 FA Cup will be held six days after the Premier League season ends for the first time since 2012.

What do you think of David Moyes' first five games of the season? Does the Premiere League fixture computer have it out for Manchester United's new leader?