Cabbage Patch Wigs For Kids Go Viral

Cabbage Patch wigs are the newest fashion trend to take the web by storm. As the name suggests, the wigs are fashioned after the once popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls that ruled the 1980s.

The wigs are the brainchild of Georgia mom-to-be Amanda Lillie. Speaking to TODAY Moms, she says of her new creation:

“I was a huge child of the ‘80s and I had lots of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and I just loved them.”

After coming up with the idea, Amanda put up a few of the wigs on her Etsy shop, and, before she knew it, orders were flooding in.

The wigs are hand crocheted and take two to three hours each to create. Amanda says the most popular option is pig tails with a light-brunette color.

While Lillie is happy to crotchet the cabbage patch wigs for parents, she also sells patterns for the hair accessory, estimating that it will take a novice about a day to complete.

The cabbage patch wigs are most popular among parents with children around 8-months-old. Not surprisingly that age is when most children are about the size of a Cabbage Patch Kid doll.

If you’re an adult and you want to look like a Cabbage Patch Kid, perhaps for Halloween, that size is also available.

The wigs owe much of there success to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks where buyers have shown off their adorable children who are proudly wearing the cabbage patch wigs.

The wigs aren’t just for kids to wear during everyday outings. Lillie says one hospital worker wears the wig to put a smile on the faces of sick children.

So what says you internet readers: Do you like the idea of dressing your child up in a cabbage patch wig, or do you want to leave the 1980s in the past?