Time Travel Prank, Brooklyn Bar Goes Back To The 1860s [Video]

A time travel prank has gone viral after a Brooklyn bar, the Black Rabbit Bar in Greenpoint, received a 1860s makeover that left everyone wondering what had happened to their local.

At least this event wasn’t about who had the smallest penis, unlike another Brooklyn bar that held that contest just over a month ago; however, that would have probably been a more funny prank than this one.

The unexpected saloon transformation was organized by Improv Everywhere, a “prank collective” that takes everyday normal scenes and subjects them to chaotic but funny pranks that leaves the public dazed and confused but having a good time.

Well, a much better time than the people involved in The Longbow and Pantry situation, which saw the British pub advertising for UK workers, stating that they would have a distinct advantage if they applied; as far as Brooklyn bars go, the Black Rabbit Bar is by far enjoying more favorable coverage.

That being said, the pranksters don’t normally set up such elaborate scenarios; according to their website, they’re more about random people stumbling upon the right place at the right time, or the wrong place if you’re opposed to their ‘joking’.

Their latest mission was, apparently, in collaboration with BBC America’s new series Copper. Just in case any of you reading this haven’t heard about the show, this American saga is set in 1860s New York, with its second season set just before Lincoln’s assassination.

The Black Rabbit Bar was completely lit by candles and lanterns, brilliantly offset by actors in period costumes who brought the whole scene to life; with beers for a penny and live music the Improv Everywhere team made sure that their 1860s night was one to remember.

Although the time travel prank wasn’t quite as dramatic as the series it paid homage to, the unsuspecting ‘victims’ of the event still got the full saloon experience, which included being propositioned by one of the ladies in the bar, not to mention the old-fashioned bar fight that finished off the night.

Even when you thought that the video of the whole prank couldn’t get better, it does at 1:54, when the unassuming gentleman that was invited upstairs later confesses that his photograph in all the wanted photos (and we all know why he was wanted in this bar) is from his OKCupid account.

If nothing else, you have to admire his honesty; most people would avoid mentioning that they look for love online, even when they know how widely used those sites are, yet this guy just casually admits and continues having a good time.

Whether you’re a lover of practical jokes or not, this time travel prank will have you hooked from start to finish, although you might not be in any rush to have this happen to you any time soon.


[Image via Wikimedia Commons]