Is Apple Helping Their Competitors By Showing Off Other Phones Antennae Flaws? [Video]

In the past week Apple has released footage showing how the Nokia N97 mini and Droid X can both drop calls when held in certain ways, I tried to recreate their results for the Droid X in an area where I’ve personally seen the iPhone 4 lose its signal and I couldn’t (even tried the N97 on the AT&T network for consistency). This made me think, is Apple really helping themselves by pointing out “possible” flaws in other phones systems?

First, by showing off top/decent selling phones, Apple is giving an open invitation for users to examine other options available on the market, a market that is quickly seeing increased, worthwhile competition by the Google Android OS (found on the Droid X). I like the Apple OS and Android OS options and in my personal opinion the Google Android OS is more quickly innovating the market, a fact Apple users may realize if they give Android a try. Apple has typically been one step behind in terms of cell phone technology implementation (see: multi-tasking) and their phones haven’t always offered the best implementation of hardware standards (no swappable batteries), but their OS has always been their focus (along with sleek designs), which they need to stay focused on.

Here’s the odd part…only Apple seems to be heavily reporting issues with these other phones, I have personally used both the Nokia N97 Mini and the Droid X and I have NEVER had an issue with the devices, I couldn’t even reproduce Apple’s claims in low signal areas (I live in the middle of corn fields…quite literally).

Apple has also opened themselves up to more criticism…less we forget, Apple never fixed their antennae issues, they did offer a “band-aid” solution, but not a phone repair type fix….as we have learned, the way a phone is held can be fixed with a case, but Apple fails to mention this fact, instead basically saying other phones are broken, which admits that their phone is broken. Such an argument can be turned around on Apple easily, if for example Motorola was to issue a recall of their devices to fix their phones antennae issue (if it became widespread), it could force Apple to admit they don’t service their customers in the same manner. The main issue for Apple? They have sold millions of devices and a recall would cost monumentally more than a Motorola Droid X recall, while a failure to do so would show that Android users have a much higher level of support.

Here’s the video Apple released for the Droid X:

The iPhone 4 is a great device, the OS is sleek and user friendly and the hardware is impressive, why Apple isn’t pushing what the phone can do, instead of reminding users of its shortcomings by association is beyond me…what happened to Apple’s world class PR?

Apple should be focusing more time showing off the iPhone 4 with groundbreaking commercials, they simply aren’t very good at going on the defensive.