Mel Gibson and the case of the suspected Russian Mistress

Mel Gibson has been snapped by FadedYouthBlog, in close proximity to a mystery Russian woman, who they have prevously alleged was his mistress. Okay, they didn’t allege it – they said it was rumoured, and then they called the story an exclusive.

Her name is Oksana, she is Russian, 28 years old and as far as we know despite being beautiful she has never appeared in a James Bond Film.

FYB said that when they broke the story of the rumoured mistress in August Oksana quickly disappeared from the Edge of Darkness movie set Mel was working on in Boston.

FYB says:

While Mel’s spokesperson tried to quash the original rumours of his mistress by saying she was “one of the artists on Mel’s recording label in the US recording,” Oksana’s reappearance by Mel’s side confirms suspicions that she is more to Mel than just a colleague.
Most recently, a weary Mr. Gibson was seen walking across the set of Darkness, casually smoking a cigarette. Minutes later, an angelic but cautious Oksana walked the same path. Sources confirm that Oksana has no role in the film or job on the set, so her presence on set and her consistent proximity to Mel is undeniably puzzling.

Oksana’s mysterious appearance brings further scrutiny to Mel’s character, infidelity, and lascivious nature.

Mel has been married to Robyn for the past 28 years, not a bad effort by Hollywood standards. We are not sure you can call someone out for being a cheater, or say its rumoured they are cheating because you saw them together once, and on a second occasion they walked in the same direction, minutes behind each other. Which is what FYB, followed by a host of “me-too” celeb sites are saying.

Mel has had a tough time recently, the set he was pictured on is the first time he has acted since the whole “get shit faced/pulled over by the cops/anti Semetic comment” incident. Anyway, he might be Mel Gibson, but time has not been kind to the 52 year old, so we can’t see it. What do you think?

You can see the rest of the images here.