No StarCraft II reviews until after game is released

Some of those who buy StarCraft II won’t need a review of the game to encourage them; the quality of the series and developer Blizzard’s lofty reputation is enough. For some of us fence-sitters, a review would be nice! But if you’re expecting a review before the game goes on sale next Tuesday, then tough titties.

Blizzard has confirmed to Eurogamer that there will be no reviews of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty until after the game is launched. While most other games have review copies are sent out weeks in advance, the press will get their hands on StarCraft II at the same time as the fans.

According to Eurogamer, Blizzard has decided that the new service is so crucial to the game experience that it would be impractical to review the game while the servers are waiting to go live.

That’s not such a big deal, as the beta testing phases have already given thousands of gamers a taste of SC II, but the single-player campaign will remain a secret until we all get the game home and into our PCs. And for many of us, that can’t come soon enough.

[Via Eurogamer]