Gamers to determine Gears of War 3 plot point for charity

Gamers who plan to pick up Gears of War 3 can decide whether in-game character Clayton Carmine lives or dies in the Epic-developed shooter.

On July 29th, Microsoft will release the two shirts you see above on the Avatar Marketplace. One of the virtual shirts urges Epic to save Carmine, while the other wants him dead – poor old Carmine’s fate will be dictated by which shirt sells more.

Whichever you choose to purchase for your Xbox 360 avatar, all profits from these virtual garments go straight to the Child’s Play charity. In other words, you get to potentially slay a fictitious muscle-bound space marine dude and save some real kids. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal!

Carmine has already lost two brothers in previous Gears of War games, so when Gears of War 3 releases on April 8th 2011, we’ll know just how kind/twisted you lot can be. Think of his poor mother!

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[Via press release]