[VIDEO] Fan-made Half Life trailer will blow your socks off

Hollywood can’t make a videogame-based movie that’s worth a crap, and now a bunch of amateur filmmakers with a fraction of the budget have really shown up the big studios who produce bloated turds like this.

This is a trailer for Beyond Black Mesa, a fan-made short film based on the brilliant Half-Life games, and holy crap it’s good – the perfect example of how canny camerawork and shrewd use of audio can produce great results.

It might look like many other action films of the last decade, but there are plenty of little nods to the Half-Life universe here: the luminous-tailed grenades, the Strider, and various sound effects ripped from the games.

Incidentally, the same guys did this lightsaber fight a couple of years ago: also worth checking out.

[Via YouTube]