Texas Rangers mid season review

Of course the week the Texas Rangers are ending my hometown Detroit Tigers’ season I get to do there mid season review. Hooray for me. The Rangers should be up for sale every year, because more and more it seems like this team is for real. With a 55-39 record they find themselves out in front of the American League West by five full games. That is impressive no matter which way we slice it, sure teh Los Angeles Angels were hit hard in off season free agency, but the Rangers have been playing great baseball.

The good news for the Rangers starts with the offense. They have scored 482 runs, and as a team they are hitting .279 which is second best among the 14 American League teams. The Rangers have collected 908 hits which can be broken down like this; 162 doubles, 15 triples, and 94 home runs. All of those numbers rank in the top five of AL clubs. They have struck out 592 times, and drawn 311 walks.

The pitching staff might be their weakness, but with the addition of Cliff Lee who has gone 0-1, with a 4.00 ERA in two starts with the team should be the answer for them. However things could be a whole lot worse. They have given up a lot of runs in 396, and the staff ERA is only 3.91. They have given up 97 home runs, and struck out 677 batters, while issuing 343 walks. All in all that is not a terrible stat line.

One of the big questions regarding this club in the off season was how much Vladimir Guerrero had left. Since he is hitting .319 with 20 dingers and 76 RBI it appears so far he has enough left. The DH role on this team has been fairly productive and about all anyone was expecting out of him.

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