Walmart recalling chicken nuggets, bits of plastic to blame

Walmart is recalling over 90,000 lbs of a popular variety of frozen chicken nuggets that were produced on June 9th after reports surfaced that the nuggets contained “small bits of blue plastic.”

Purdue Farms in Perry, Georgia initiated the recall after consumers reported the “foreign objects” in some nuggets. The USDA says there have been no reports of injury related to the reports.The items in question are part of Walmart’s “Great Value” line of generic products, distinguished by white packaging and bright blue lettering.

The NYDN details the specific affected lot:

The products include the 1 pound, 13-ounce bag of “GREAT VALUE Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets.” The bags are labeled with the establishment number “P-33944,” and a product code of “89008 A0160.” The “BEST IF USED BY” date is June 9, 2011.

While news about the recall has been widely distributed, the manufacturer is urging customers to be cautious:

“We are telling consumers to use an abundance of caution,” said Luis Luna, vice president of corporate communications for Perdue. “Walmart distributes these nationwide so we don’t know where these products could have gone.”

Customers who need further information about the frozen chicken nugget recall have been advised to call (877) 727-3447 to speak to Purdue customer relations.