New Xbox 360 helped Microsoft kick ass in June

Times are good once again at Microsoft. The new Xbox 360 S, a slimmer model of the old Xbox 360, recently arrived Stateside and promptly outsold every other home console in the US during June – except the old Xbox 360.

With the 360 S’s arrival, older versions of the console got their prices slashed, and many consumers took advantage of this. The new Xbox made up 40% of all Xbox 360 sales in June, while the older bundles (Arcade, Premium, Elite) made up the remaining 60%.

Seal pup fur underwear and champers all round at Microsoft then, but will it last? Analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t think so, the big spoilsport:

“It is clear that the sales spike for the 360 was largely temporary, as clearance items accounted for around 60 percent of total sales, and it is not clear that software attached heavily to these purchase.”

[Via 1UP]