[VIDEO] Activision could be planning subscription fees for Call of Duty games

Big, potentially horrible news for gamers: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 publisher Activision might be planning a “membership” plan for its popular Call of Duty series, including the best-selling Modern Warfare 2.

The video you see below shows a player attempting to join a multiplayer session in MW2, only to be confronted with a screen entitled “Modern Warfare 2: Membersh -“. I assume the last word there is meant to read “Memberships”. This would seem to imply that Activision was planning some sort of subscription service, payable with Microsoft Points, to play the game online. A game you’ve already shelled out $50 for.

On the one hand, this seems so outrageous that I can barely believe Activision – greedy swines though they are – would try this on.

On the other, slightly more convincing hand, this is Activision. The company has already fleeced gamers with shockingly high prices for downloadable maps, and I’m sure it would have no qualms in milking us for a few more cents. I certainly wouldn’t put such scumbaggery beneath them. But we should wait and see – perhaps this means nothing, right?

If this footage is a fake, it’s a damn good one. Make your own mind up:

[YouTube, via VG247]