Verizon Throws In Kin Towel

Here’s a shocker (sense the sarcasm), Verizon wireless has thrown in the towel on the Microsoft Kin One and Microsoft Kin Two. What surprises me is that it took the company a week to announce the discontinued status.

Last week Microsoft said they had pulled the plug on the Kin One and Kin Two units with rumors circulating that only around 500 units were sold after a rather intensive advertising campaign with print, TV and internet ads.

Here’s the funny part, I didn’t even realize Verizon was the company supporting the device, Microsoft’s ad campaigns were so haphazard that they might as well have been using a prepaid carrier for the phone.

On the plus side, even with so few units being sold, Microsoft says they’ll continue to support the phones back-end by leaving the technologies infrastructure in place. Way to look out for your customers MSFT, perhaps you can give Apple some pointers, you know just in case their 4th Generation phone has any issues *smirk*