Current TV cuts net 30 employees

The Al Gore backed cable channel Current TV is said to have made sweeping cuts to its workforce today, with reports of at least 32 employees being cut.

Founded in 2005, Current TV is billed as the "the world's leading peer-to-peer news and information network," with shows "produced and programmed in collaboration with its audience." The station broadcasts on cable and satellite networks in the US, UK and Italy.

Valleywag reports a tipster saying that the cuts are being referred to internally as "Bloodbath" but we have no official word from the company as yet. The 32 number also comes from Valleywag, with earlier reports suggesting it may have only been 10 people.

According to BNet, the cuts were being made in Current TV's San Francisco and Los Angeles offices, and the company may be planning to "drop its shorter UGC videos in favor of the more traditional 30 minute programs that have long dominated television programming across all channels."

Update: reports suggest the number is 60, but the net is 30 as Current TV has created 30 new positions