Big problems for UNC football program?

I am a big believer in the cliché where there is smoke there is fire. Since the NCAA is asking kids who played football for the University of North Carolina, who they talked to agent wise, who paid their rent, and asking them to produce phone records to back up their stories tells me something very serious is going on. It looks like the NCAA would like to know if any “Reggie Bush” type stuff was going on at the school, or within the football program.

The NCAA is asking all of UNC’s draft eligible players a lot of uncomfortable questions about who paid for their travel, rent, and what promises were made to recruits by agents and others. OS everyone knows once a player hires an agent he gives up all of his remaining eligibility for College Sports. If they are found to have taken gifts from agents or boosters, that is also a big time infraction of NCAA rules.

So far I have not heard any rumors about college freshman driving around campus in brand new SUV’s, or anything else very dramatic that has accompanied past NCAA rules infractions at other schools, but clearly something is going on here. Some reports have a USC type situation going on in Chapel Hill, but on a much larger scale.

If these reports are true, than everyone involved is being terribly short sighted. For big time college athletes and programs there really is no privacy. No matter what gains are made by the school on the field, the NCAA will take away and bitch slap the school for breaking the rules. Sure the players may go on to get big time NFL contracts, but fans tend not to forget this kind of stuff.