[VIDEO] Confirmed: Mario Kart would suck as a board game

Chris Greenhough

Mario Kart as a videogame is brilliant. But the board game? Ehhh...

Yes, there's a Mario Kart board game. Or rather there will be. Japanese company Epoch showed off two new board games at the Tokyo Toy Show 2010 earlier this week: one for Super Mario Bros., and one for Mario Kart. These will be out later this year.

Mario Kart (the board game) is a 2-player game that bears as much resemblance to Nintendo's classic racer as I do to Robert Pattinson. The basic gist: move a ball forward through a little Mario Kart circuit by mashing buttons and arrive at the checkered flag first to win. Surprise surprise, it looks as good as it sounds:

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[YouTube, via Akihibara News]