UFL up to its old antics

Over the last week or so I have seen some reports, and heard a lot of rumors that the Omaha Nighthawks would like to sign Jeff Garcia to QB their new team. Low and behold today they released their provisional roster and both Jeff Garcia and Jamarcus Russell are listed on it. While they can get away with this by calling it a provisional roster, why list guys on there that as of this very moment have not signed on with the up start league. If they had we would have been treated to a PR blitz to announce these signings, but no they are just listed on the roster, even though there doesn’t seem to be much evidence that either of these guys will play for this team in 2010.

This league has been known to either make mistakes in what they release to the public, or flat out lie about what is going on. The simple fact here is to be taken seriously they really need to get their PR house in order. To be more blunt this league needs to get its s–t together, and quit releasing stuff that is wrong, or totally fabricated.

With that said I think the UFL is a logical landing pint for either of these guys. Their provisional roster also lists Brain St. Pierre, DJ Shockey, Patrick Ramsey, and Andrew Walter as Nighthawk QB’s. The team has just annouced the signing of Ramsey, but something abut all of this still doesn’t smell quite right.

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