Speeding Driver’s Excuse Of Drying Off Car Doesn’t Cut It In Court

A speeding driver was just trying to dry off his car when an officer clocked him going 112 mph — or at least that’s what the guilty party claimed when he was pulled over on an Alberta highway.

While officers have probably already heard every excuse speeding drivers can come up with, the 67-year-old’s explanation likely threw them for a loop.

On Tuesday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced that the man — a local who lives near Black Diamond, Alberta — was fined $800 for speeding. He also had his license suspended for 45 days.

While excuses for speeding, like drying off your car, may seem a bit out there for those who have an aversion to lying to the police, the Canadian driver’s explanation is not the strangest officers have heard. Consumer Reports laid out the top 10 excuses for speeding in a recent article.

Of 500 drivers aged 18 and over, 20 percent of those who were pulled over for speeding claimed they couldn’t see a sign telling them not to speed. The next most popular excuse was that the driver was lost and/or unfamiliar with the roads.

There were also cop outs, such as, “everyone else was doing it,” and “I didn’t know I was going over.” But, surprisingly for some, there were also strange excuses, like, “My GPS said it was the right thing to do.”

Also in the realm of strange excuses, speeding drivers have claimed to be in labor, have rats running around the car, and even have a colonoscopy bag leaking. But one of the best explanations, according to Murfreesboro, Tennessee Police spokesman Kyle Evans, was when a driver told him, “The reason I was going so fast is because I couldn’t see the speedometer.”

Evans looked inside the car and saw that the speedometer appeared to be just fine. The driver went on to explain, “Sir, I had my head so far up my butt there’s no way I could possibly see how fast I was going.” Evans gave the driver a warning citation, saying, “It was the most original excuse I’ve heard in my 10 years as a traffic officer.”

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding? What explanation did you give?

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