Justin Bieber: Wearing His Tattoo Art On His (First) Sleeve

Justin Bieber loves tattoos. Maybe even more than cars, which is saying something.

It was only a matter of time of course, but the 19-year-old is now rocking his first full sleeve with the addition of a new tattoo on his left forearm. The new ink was seen in pictures of the pop star as he left the Laugh Factory comedy club in West Hollywood on Monday night.

It seems the illustrated teen’s quest to cover up as much of his skin as possible continues pace.

What’s Bieber had done? In short, a castle. Filled in. With stormy waves around it, or some sort of water anyway.

Sited in and around the last tattoo he had done — a knight in shining armor — the filled in waves overlap and surround his previous three tattoos. These are, an angel widely thought to resemble actress-singer Selena Gomez, also a Koi Carp and a tiger.

The waves reach up to the Believe inking Bieber received in June 2012 to celebrate the release of his same name album, and nestle around his owl and X markings.

On the rest of his body, the openly Christian star has numerous versions of the word Jesus and related Christ imagery scattered around his shrinking skin footage.

Bieber’s New Tattoo Can Be Seen In The Footage Below

He also has a ‘crown’ on one part of his torso, his mother, Pattie Mallette’s, birth date emblazoned in Roman numerals across one part of his chest, an Indian head emblem of a Canadian junior ice hockey team, and a ‘seagull’ on his hip.

All of the above brings Bieber’s tattoo count to 17. Maybe 18? It’s possible I’ve lost count.

So, now that the skin on his left forearm is spoken for, the other arm may beckon.Tattoo addicts can’t stop inking, so don’t be surprised if we suddenly see new body art making its debut on his right arm and the rest of the young Canadian’s body.

If Bieber is making a bid for Rod Steiger’s crown, at 19, with his first lower full sleeve — he’s right on track.

Justin Bieber Gets First Full Sleeve Of Tattoos On His Left Forearm

[Image via Celebuzz]