Capcom: ‘Deep Down’ Isn’t Related To ‘Dragon’s Dogma’

Remember that gorgeous demo for Deep Down that Capcom showed off as a way to showcase their next-gen “Panta Rhei” engine during Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal back in February?

At the time, gamers speculated based on the footage shown that the game was perhaps a sequel, or a spiritual successor of sorts, to Capcom’s open-world, monster-slaying RPG Dragon’s Dogma, which saw a release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year.

Over on Capcom’s forums (via Siliconera), one user asked that since Deep Down has been confirmed to be a PlayStation 4-exclusive title, and that Dragon’s Dogma Quest was a PlayStation Vita-exclusive title, if that meant that the Dragon’s Dogma series would be a Sony exclusive from this point on.

In response, Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson clarified that Deep Down is not actually tied to Dragon’s Dogma directly, so fans shouldn’t read too much into that.

Sadly, it looks like we’ll have to wait awhile to find out anything more on Deep Down, including what similarities – if any – it actually has to Capcom’s new open-world franchise. In another response in another thread, Svensson said that development on the title is still “early on.”

“No news right now. It’s still quite far off. [Capcom developer Yoshinori Ono] tweeted we’d have it at E3 next year.”

As revealed earlier this year, Panta Rhei is an evolution of Capcom’s MT Framework engine which has been used in many of Capcom’s games over the past several years. The engine is said to be developed with the PlayStation 4 in mind but it’s likely that Panta Rhei, once finished, will be Capcom’s new go-to engine, and will thus be multi-platform.

If you missed the Deep Down demo, you can check it out in all of its glory below.