Grandson Unmasked During Robbery

Albuquerque, NM – It is a sad day when your own grandmother finds out you’ve committed a crime. It’s worse when she catches you committing the crime inside her home.

One Albuquerque grandmother, Pamela Dearinger, told authorities a male intruder had broken into her home, located near Coors Boulevard NW and Central Avenue, entering through the back door early Friday morning.

The oddly familiar burglar had been dressed in black with a purple bandana concealing part of his face – but a grandmother knows her grandchild. The young man’s disguise was a failure.

A struggle ensued between Dearinger and the intruder, during which she jerked off the bandana unmasking his face and confirming it was in fact her grandson, 22-year-old Thomas Clark. Thereafter, Clark threw the woman to the floor, grabbed her purse, and fled, reports CBS News.

Clark’s grandmother suffered cuts and bruises to her wrist and neck from the ordeal. The Huffington Post states the estimated value of the contents of Dearinger’s purse totaled close to $500. Worth it?

Unsurprisingly, the suspect was arrested a few hours later – detained at his parents’ home. I’m sure Clark’s victim was able to provide the address. I’m more shocked it took hours and not minutes to collect him.

According to police, the young man confessed. Clark admitted to the glaringly distasteful act of robbing his own elderly grandmother because two of his buddies convinced him to. They intended to use the money at a local casino.

As if it wasn’t sad enough that Clark assaulted and robbed his own grandmother, but this is not the first time he’s broken into her home. According to KRQE News13, Clark stole a television from Dearinger last year.

Saturday, Clark was arraigned in the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court on charges of aggravated residential burglary, larceny, and tampering with evidence. The judge set his bond at $15,000. Again, worth it?

How would you handle your adult child if you found out they were looting their grandmother’s residence for money to gamble with?

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