Receipt Profanity Angers Dad, Calls Out ‘F*ckin Needy Kids’

A bout of receipt profanity at a St. Louis sports bar has angered a dad who was out enjoying a meal with his son.Joseph Gibson was finishing up his meal at Friendly’s Sports Bar and Grill when he noticed a rather disturbing note on his receipt.

Under the special orders section for Wing Sauce the receipt read: “F—in Needy Kids.”

According to general manager Denny Domachowski, the waitress placed the message as a joke and fully intended to remove the message before handing the check with its receipt profanity over to the family.

The GM at the restaurant tells CNN that he apologized to the dad, and, when the dad called the restaurant back later, he apologized for a second time.

Not feeling that the restaurants apology was enough, Mr. Gibson posted the photo on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Facebook page. Along with the Facebook post, Gibson wrote:

“So customers with children are a joke? This place isn’t so friendly. I got nowhere with management.”

Domachowski then said he only allowed the dad to bring a child to the 21 and over bar because it was Father’s Day. Apparently, the bar felt that allowing the child into the establishment was gift enough to insult the child.

This is hardly the first time we have reported on a receipt that was handed to a customer “by accident,” and it probably won’t be the last. We have to question when waitstaff employees will finally realize that they are probably going to get busy and forget to remove their “joke” messages.

The restaurants refusal to take full accountability isn’t quite on par with an Amy’s Bakery type meltdown, but they definitely could have responded in a better manner than they did.

Do you think this type of alleged accidental receipt profanity is a good reason to fire a waitstaff member? Should the restaurant take more responsibility for its employees disrespectful actions?