Britain’s Cameron Reveals US WWII Era Bomb Found At G8 Site

British Prime Minster David Cameron revealed via Twitter on Tuesday that during the G8 summit there was a brief security concern over the discovery of unused World War II-era bombs.

The WWII bombs were discovered last week in Lough Erne by security forces shortly ahead of the talks. The explosives were unused ordinance from US training camps and found to be diffused.

After the discovery, Northern Ireland security forces, part of a massive operation involving thousands of officers and airspace restrictions, reported the situation to Cameron.

Assured that the situation was not a security concern, the prime minister returned to a meeting where the attending G8 leaders were seated around a large table.

Having a bit of fun, Cameron informed his peers that WWII bombs had been found on the meeting site. After the initial shock the British PM promised there was no security threat.

Instead, Cameron turned it into a guessing game: Whose bombs were they?

The group included Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Japan’s Shinzo Abe, and US President Barack Obama.

After a bit of discussion the group agreed that they couldn’t have been Axis weapons. Instead, they all correctly agreed that President Obama’s country was the source of the unused ordinance.

After the conclusion of the G8 talks, following a long weekend in Northern Ireland, PM Cameron announced the bomb “scare” on Twitter:

The G8 summit held over the past weekend involved eight of the world’s most powerful leaders. The talks began with serious discussion surrounding the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Perhaps hoping to lighten the mood and ease tensions, Cameron channeled his British sense of humor to tease his peers with the discovery of the WWII bombs and perhaps illustrate the long-lasting effects of war, an issue they are weighing now.

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