Nick Cannon Tried To Reach Out To ‘Little Sister’ Amanda Bynes

America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon us worried about Amanda Bynes.

The 32-year-old, who worked with Bynes during a stint on All That from 1998 to 2000, said he was sad to see her recent behavior.

“I worked on Amanda’s show … that’s like my little sister,” Cannon told Howard Stern in an on-air interview. “To see someone you’ve seen at 9 (years old), she’s running around with a snotty nose and now to see her, that’s like wow, man, it’s sad. I tried to reach out.”

Stern asked how he tried to reach out Bynes, and Cannon said, “That’s the thing. She doesn’t have any of her people anymore.”

Cannon is just one of many celebrities who have either tried to reach out or lend their support to the 27-year-old actress. Monday, Dr. Drew Pinksy apologized to the What I Like About You star for a tweet he explained was taken out of context. Dr. Drew tweeted Friday that he thought it was time to leave Bynes alone, and that she would get help if she wanted it. Bynes took offense and called the TV doctor ugly and said she wanted him to leave her alone.

Two days later at the Daytime Emmy Awards, Dr. Drew told E! News that he was trying to be supportive.

“What I meant was, I had been receiving literally thousands of emails demanding I help Amanda Bynes,” he said. “I don’t know Amanda, she’s never asked me for help, nor have any of her people; she lives 3,000 miles away, so it was just responding to that saying, ‘Look guys, leave her alone; if she needs help, hopefully she’ll get help one day before something bad happens.’”

Dr. Drew also said that social media, which has become the primary outlet for Bynes’ erratic behavior, isn’t helping the former child star.

What do you think of Nick Cannon’s comments about Amanda Bynes? Do you agree with Dr. Drew that social media isn’t helping her?

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