AT&T Wireless Setting Up Solar-Powered Mobile Charing Stations In New York City

AT&T Wireless plans to debut 25 solar-powered mobile charging stations throughout New York City.

The company on Tuesday announced the new project which it dubs “Street Charge.”

To accomplish its goal, AT&T has partnered with solar power company Goal Zero and Brooklyn’s very own Pensa Design, the company that developed the stations.

The charging stations will remain in place until October. If users take to the chargers for their mobile needs, AT&T Wireless plans to launch the initiative in other cities. Which cities will receive the stations in the future have not been revealed.

The first mobile charging stations are arriving today at Fort Green Park in Brooklyn. Even the 25 stations will land in spots that include Union Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island, Riverside Park, and Hudson River Park.

According to Joe Atkin, president and CEO of Goal Zero:

“Nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone, and the amount of time we spend on handheld devices has increased dramatically. All too often, we hear the dreaded low-battery beep and it happens at the most inconvenient times. Street Charge will fix that.”

Each charging station features 30-pin and Lightning plus for iPhones and iPads and micro-USB chargers for Android and Windows phones.

The AT&T Wireless charging stations are all powered by three 15-watt solar panels alongside a 168 watt-hour battery. The large battery attached to each station can allow the mobile charging platforms to continue operating even after several days without sun.

While most people won’t stand around an AT&T Wireless solar-powered mobile charging station for long periods of time, the stations could allow for a quick charge in-between meetings and days out on the town.

Do you think more cities should begin to implement solar-powered charging stations in order to supplement the power-consumption needs of residents and visitors?

[Image Via Goal Zero]