Starbucks Calorie Counts: Coffee Giant Must Display Nutritional Info

Starbucks calorie counts already exist on menus in New York City. As of June 25, Starbucks says that customers will be able to see full nutritional information at more than 11,000 US Starbucks locations.

As of Jun,e you will be told that your small but delicious Frappuccino contains 230 calories. Pastries and other items will also have to show the “Starbucks calorie counts” displaying blueberry scones at 460 calories a piece and morning buns at 350 calories.

The announcement by the Starbuck Corp. comes at a time when consumers often opt for healthier, lower fat options when eating out. If it’s good for the consumer, it’s good for business, and Starbucks is following in the footsteps of MacDonalds by preempting upcoming FDA legislation.

The new legislation isn’t clear at the moment. The move to display Starbucks calorie counts on its menus is a smart one showing transparency and openness.

Starbucks noted in its announcement that it does already provide nutritional information on its website. They also said that customers can reduce their calorie intake by opting for low fat milk, sugar free syrups, and no cream.

According to Sue Hensley, spokeswoman for the National Restaurant Association a “large majority” of food and beverage chains are still awaiting clear FDA guidelines as to what they may or must reveal to customers.

Mary Wagner the senior vice president of global research and development said about the Starbucks Calorie counts: “Menu labeling is yet another step to extend our commitment to wellness.”

Do you think that Starbucks calorie counts are important thing for customers to know? Should it be a legal requirement to provide nutritional information at food outlets or do restaurants have the right not to display? Post your comments below.