‘Deadpool’ Game Now Comes With 100 Percent More Rogue, Psylocke And Domino

Deadpool’s game will now have Rogue, Psylocke and Domino!

You already know Deadpool is getting his own game, filled with all of the one-liners and violence you can shake a stick at. And he would probably lob a grenade your way if you so much as suggested a parallel to Duke Nukem. Deadpool is focusing on being funny, but he’s not resorting to throwing poop at the walls.

Yes, Activision and High Moon Studios are trying to make Deadpool as funny as they can. In the recent press release, they even worded it the way Deadpool might:

“So when it came to assembling the cast of super-strong heroes and weirdoes that were going to appear in my new game, [Deadpool], from Activision Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Entertainment, I went through binders of men and women (heh …you …you guys remember that? That guy who did that?) to build the most genderfully diverse roster of freaks in spandex you’ve ever seen. I’ve recruited some of the most powerful, intelligent, lovely ladies from the Marvelverse for this game: Psylocke. Domino. Wolverine. The list goes on.”

He just called Wolverine a lady. Obviously the trademark humor was present and accounted for, as well as a reference to Mitt Romney’s ever-famous “binders of women” line. And we can expect him to hit on said women for hilarious results.

Apparently Activision and High Moon Studios, at the request of Deadpool (it’s being marketed as his game being developed through them), have decided to add some women to the game just to be fair.

The attempts at humor have been hit and miss with this game, but in the true nature of the character of Deadpool, it should be close enough. After all, Deadpool has had a few flat ones himself.

We’re wondering if he isn’t including Wolverine just for the chance to poke fun at how badly the Origins film messed with him. You just don’t take “the merc with the mouth” and sew his lips shut, and expect his fans to be fine with it.

Will the sense of humor be enough to make this title successful? Considering High Moon Studios’ attempt at a Transformers game not too long ago, it’s possible.

What do you think of Deadpool including the women of Marvel in his game?