‘This Is The End’s Original Ending Was Not What Audiences Saw

If you haven’t seen the Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg-directed comedy This Is The End, then you may want to stop here because we’re about to divulge some major spoilers.

This Is The End has been receiving positive reviews across the board from fans of the Apatow clan and from critics as well. Most of the reviews have been highlighting the surprise cameos that take place in the star-studded meta-comedy. One of the most surprising cameos is done by the Backstreet Boys themselves.

So whose idea was it to have Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel meet the Backstreet Boys in heaven and participate in what’s probably the funniest song and dance routine? It was one of the creator’s wives. While it wasn’t specified whose wife it was (it comes down to Seth’s wife comedy writer Lauren Miller, and Evan Goldberg’s wife), it still made for a hilarious ending.

As hilarious as it might have been, it was never the original ending Seth and Evan envisioned. In fact, the original ending for This Is The End, looked to be a little more typical, and a little less fun than the rest of the film. Seth Rogen dropped by Vulture and explained just what that original ending was meant to be.

Rogen said of the original ending for This Is The End: “The whole joke was, he shows up, and he’s like, ‘I’m God.’ And they’re like, ‘You’re God?’ And Jay [Baruchel] goes, ‘Wait, so when we were in Million Dollar Baby together, were you God then? I don’t get it.’ And then God shows up and he’s like, ‘We’re just fucking with you. This is Morgan Freeman. We just play this joke on people when they come to heaven now. Do you guys want to get high and play some video games?”

While it would have gotten a few chuckles, it doesn’t seem like it would have gotten the biggest reaction from an unsuspecting audience. These days Morgan Freeman is practically the face of God in pop culture’s eyes. Movies Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty have already given Freeman his cameo as God, and that gimmick would have looekd a bit tired for This Is The End.

Did you enjoy the final ending in This Is The End?