‘Logan’s Run’ Remake Gets Some Help From ‘Bioshock’ Creator Ken Levine

The Logan’s Run remake is getting a little help from Bioshock creator Ken Levine.

Warner Bros. reportedly tapped the acclaimed video game designer since he has such a passion for the Logan’s Run story. Levin got his start as a screenwriter and playwrighht before working on such games as System Shock 2 and Thief for Looking Glass Studios.

As Deadline points out, the Logan’s Run remake has been in the works for quite some time. Although the project enjoyed a few false starts, these plans ultimately fell through. At one point during the film’s development, both Bryan Singer and Nicolas Winding Refn were attached to direct.

Fans of Bioshock shouldn’t worry too much about Ken Levine’s involvement with the long-delayed movie. According to Polygon, the Logan’s Run remake won’t take his attention away from his work on the Bioshock Infinite DLC.

Released in 1967, authors William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson’s Logan’s Run tells the story of a world where everyone is executed at the age of 21. When one of the men who tracks down fugitives finds himself on the hit list, he goes on the run to avoid being killed.

Director Michael Anderson’s released his adaptation of the novel back in 1976. The film starred Richard Jordan, Jenny Agutter, and Austin Powers alum Michael York as Logan 5. Instead of being executed at the age of 21, the movie had people biting the dust at 30.

Although the story itself is timeless, the 1976 version of Logan’s Run hasn’t aged very well in this writer’s opinion. The dated special effects and trippy visuals were indicative of the era, though they probably don’t play very well with modern audiences. If one project was ripe for a remake, it’s certainly this one.

It’s currently unknown when Warner Bros. hopes to have this project up and running. Given the delays the movie has experienced in the past, it’s probably best not to get your hopes up just yet.

What do you think about Bioshock creator Ken Levine writing the script for the Logan’s Run remake? Do you think he’s the right person to tackle the project?