Taylor Swift To Continue Connecting With Fans On Tour

Taylor Swift is one of the most recognizable pop stars in the world next to Justin Bieber and her fans have always shared their appreciation for the songwriter. Though Swift is regularly criticized for writing tracks about crazy relationships and breakups, she has no plans of losing the connection she’s had with fans over the years.

“I find that you have to emote a little bigger, but you can reach all the way up to the top,” the pop star said, according to The Associated Press. “Eye contact is important, even if it’s from 500 yards away.”

She’s currently hitting the stage in North America on her RED tour but will also have performances in Australia and New Zealand later this year.

“Everyone who comes to these shows seems so engaged,” Swift added. “They come to the show. They know the words. I’m singing the words. We’re singing them at the same time, and therein lies the connection. It goes beyond what size the venue is.”

Taylor Swift is no stranger to sold out crowds and screaming fans all over the place and she’s done quite the job of keeping her cool through it all, even with her controversial lyrics. For every single doubter there’s hundreds of fans that will support her to the end, which makes touring that much easier with all the support.

Being on tour and living the life of a music star can be stressful at times, but Swift has taken it all in stride and has also had her try at television. She recently appeared on the Fox sitcom, New Girl, though she quickly returned to the stage where she made a name for herself as a singer.

She’s currently touring through Canada as she played back-to-back nights in Toronto, Ontario this past weekend and will next stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 22.

Does Taylor Swift have a connection with her fans unlike any other musician?

[Image via David Shankbone]