Nike Sneakers Call LeBron James A ‘Two Time Champion’

LeBron James and the Miami Heat are facing elimination tonight but Nike still has a lot of confidence in the King of the NBA. The shoe company recently released a pair of sneakers that call James a “Two Time Champion.”

Kix And The City posted a few photos of the new Nike LeBron X Low Floral and the shoe has a few eye catching details. Once you get past the floral print and inspect the shoe a little closer, you’ll notice the words “Two Time Champion” printed on the inside of one show and the dates “11-12, 12-13” printed in the other.

The shoes aren’t available in stores yet but Nike seems prepared to release the shoes as soon as LeBron hoists the Larry O’Brien trophy for the second time. Of course, that may not happen.

The Heat are down 3-2 in the NBA finals and could be eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs tonight.

James and the Heat were expected to roll through the playoffs with ease so you can’t blame Nike for preparing a championship shoe. Of course, Nike probably should know by now that you never count your rings before they hatch.

lebronjamesWhat do you think of the new Nike LeBron X Low Floral? Do you think LeBron James will live up to the shoes’ bold prediction and become a two-time champion?

[Image Via Kix And The City]