Veterans Day 2008: Online Resources

Veterans Day 2008 is being observed not just in ceremonies across America today, but also online. Here is a list of some Web-based Veterans Day resources and programs that might be of interest. You can also find a list of Veterans Day closures below.

Veterans Day Discounts and Freebies -- A list of free meals and discounts you can find across the country in honor of the holiday.

Community of Veterans -- New social networking site and private resource collection for troops who have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. Launching for the first time today. Formed by two nonprofit organizations: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Ad Council. Must verify military service to be able to enter. -- Another new social networking site for veterans, launching by the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. Also nonprofit. This one is open to veterans as well as their families and supporters. -- A public site for supporters of U.S. veterans and military personnel. Offers Veterans Day forum, parade listings, tribute videos, and other related resources.

Subscriptions for Soldiers -- Program launched by to help provide free magazine subscriptions to troops currently serving overseas.

The History of Veterans Day -- U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' in-depth write-up of how the holiday came into existence and what it represents

Veterans Day Official Government Page -- The U.S. government's home page about Veterans Day 2008, featuring teacher guides, FAQs, fact sheets, information for kids, poster downloads, and photos from the 2008 national ceremony

Veterans Day Timeline -- The U.S. Army's year-by-year timeline of the events leading up to the formation of the Veterans Day holiday

Casualties in World War I -- A list of the casualties from WWI, country-by-country

Defense Department Current Casualty Report -- The U.S. Defense Department's current report of the total deaths resulting from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Veterans Day Closures

  • Federal offices
  • State offices
  • County offices
  • City offices
  • Banks
  • U.S. Postal Service (express delivery only)
  • Public libraries
  • Public schools
  • Public transportation -- typically operating only on limited schedules if at all