Greg Louganis Engaged To Johnny Chaillot

Greg Louganis is engaged.

The Olympic diver announced on Twitter this week that he is engaged to his boyfriend Johnny Chaillot.

Louganis writes: “It is officially out! Yes, we are getting married! Love my life and love Johnny Chaillot.”

After making the announcement, the Olympic diver spent the next few hours retweeting congratulatory messages from his fans. He also sat talked to People Magazine about his upcoming nuptials.

Louganis said: “I finally met my soul mate – the more I fall in love with Johnny, the more I fall in love with myself. This is what the universe had in store for both of us.”

Louganis is one of the most accomplished Olympic divers in history. He has four gold medals (two in the 3M and two in the 10M) and a silver. He also has 5 gold medals from the World Championships and 47 AAU National Titles.

The 53-year-old former Olympian doesn’t do much competing anymore but he is still involved with the sport. He is currently a mentor for the U.S. Olympic diving team and recently took up a reality TV coaching position on the show Splash.

Here’s a video of Louganis from the 1984 Olympic Games.


People Magazine reports that Johnny Chaillot is a layer from the Los Angeles-based firm Loeb Loeb. The two have been dating for a little over a year.

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