Naveena Shine Finds Out Humans Cannot Live By Photosynthesis [Video]

Seattle, WA – Remember Naveena Shine, the woman who embarked on an experiment to see if she could live on nothing but sunlight and water? She has decided to call it a day and start eating food again after losing 20 percent of her body weight and learning that man cannot thrive by photosynthesis.

Shine, the founder of Living on Light, originally intended to attempt a sunlight, water and air diet for a period of four to six months. She decided to perform the experiment after learning of Yogis who claimed they were able to thrive on sunlight alone.

After about 45 days, the 65-year-old Eastside woman has decided to quit her grand experiment, breaking her diet with tea “with a splash of milk.”

She dropped 20 percent of her body weight, going from 159 pounds to 126.

On Wednesday, she Naveena Shine announced she would be quitting the experiment because she had run out of money (you’d think she’d be saving with all the food she’s not eating) and partly due to the public reaction to her plan.

“I was just asking a question, but there was just so much negative response that that means the question can’t even be asked,” she said in response to the international attention she’d received.

She also said that she doesn’t want other people to try her “Living on Light” experiment without having their “belief systems lined up.”

She said that there’s nothing more to the experiment other than seeing whether the New Age belief of “breatharianism” really worked. “I didn’t prove it,” she said.

Though at least four people have died attempting to prove that human beings can thrive through photosynthesis, Shine says that as of Monday, she feels fine. She also talked a bit about how she’ll start eating food again.


“I really have to start out slowly,” she said. Then, she’ll take “liquidy kinds of vegetables, like spinach or zucchini sautéed in water.”

She thanks everyone who was nice to her, and included a special message to those who negatively reacted to her experiment on her website:

“The haters, I think when people say something bad about somebody else, they’re really talking about themselves.”

Here’s a video of Naveena Shine announcing the end of her Living on Light experiment:

[Image via: JanBussan / Shutterstock]