Blake Griffin To Lakers Deal Is Highly Unlikely

Blake Griffin has become the center of attention in Los Angeles after multiple reports suggested that the Lakers would be open to a sign-and-trade deal that would send Dwight Howard to the Clippers. No matter which way you look at it, Howard’s ever-so growing decline within the league should keep Griffin with the Clippers as they look to improve next year.

The Clippers have been in talks with multiple teams since losing in the first round to the Memphis Grizzlies in this year’s playoffs. The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs are now left to battle for the NBA Championship, but with the offseason ahead there’s no stopping the Clippers as they look for an added spark to their roster.

Outside of trying to bring in new talent, the Clippers have also shown interest in the Boston Celtics’ head coach Doc Rivers. The move would take a lot from the team, but the New England Sports Network (NESN) has said that Blake Griffin would not be a “trade piece.”

That leaves the discussion over a trade with the Lakers wide open, and there’s no doubt that Kobe Bryant and company could use Griffin in their starting squad. Dwight Howard put together a solid season in 2013, but his status off the court has made him an easy trade target for the Lakers.

The move really doesn’t add up for the Clippers, as Griffin and Howard are practically opposites outside of their dominance in the paint. Griffin is the quiet type who talks with his game, while Howard tends to stir up trouble within the media.

One thing that’s not up for debate is their competitive drive as big men in the NBA. Both are looking to win their first NBA Championship and will do anything it takes to get that first ring.

Do you believe a sign-and-trade with Dwight Howard for Blake Griffin would be the right decision for both the Lakers and Clippers, or is it even worth discussing?

[Image via Keith Allison]