Daycare Workers Fired For Using Masking Tape To Restrain Toddlers

Ottawa, Canada – Two daycare workers have been fired for using masking tape to restrain toddlers during nap time.

Officials at the Bayview Public School investigated a complaint and found that masking tape was being used to confine toddlers to their cots when they wouldn’t settle down. Investigators said that three or four children were involved and that they were not injured.

The investigation, launched at the end of February, was in response to a parent complaint that their child was taped to a cot. Officials determined that one staff member was doing the taping but that another knew about it and did not report it. Both daycare workers involved have been dismissed.

Officials say that they don’t know whether or not the children were taped down for nap time more than once.

Parents of the other children affected by the incident were informed, and the information was posted on a parent bulletin board. The daycare takes care of kids between the ages of four and 10 before and after school and on holidays.

A criminal investigation will not be launched.

The workers will likely lose their childcare certificates, preventing them from working in licensed daycares.


Stories of teachers taping down unruly children have been making media rounds quite a lot lately. Most recently, a second grader in San Antonio said that his teacher had taped him to a chair for three hours.

He said that he cried in front of his classmates and begged the teacher for help. The teacher and an aide admitted to the incident and resigned following the complaint. The 8-year-old’s mother filed a police report and has made plans to enroll her child in a different school in the fall.

Do you think that daycare workers being fired for using masking tape on children is a proper punishment, or should criminal charges be pursued? Sound off!

[Image via: BW Folsom / Shutterstock]