Michelle Chamuel Will Be ‘The Voice’ Winner, Says Usher

Who will be The Voice winner? Adam Levine has already made his pick and now Usher is weighing in. The singer believes that Michelle Chamuel will be victorious at the end of the singing competition.

Usher said: “Michelle Chamuel – the winner!”

Shakira was also impressed with Chamuel’s final performance but she didn’t go as far as Usher and declare her The Voice winner. Shakira said: “Your energy is contagious. You’re extraordinary. You’re needed out there, as an artist.”

The final contestants on The Voice gave their final performances last night and now America will decide who will be The Voice winner. The results will be announced tonight and Usher clearly believes that America is going to choose Chamuel.

Of course, Adam Levine has a different choice in mind. Levine believes that teenage country singer Danielle Bradbery is going to win over the audience.

Levine said: “The crazy thing about your voice is it’s just so unbelievably perfect and powerful. It’s one of the better voices I think I’ve ever heard live. … And I’m just gonna go ahead and say, I think Danielle’s [the] winner of this thing.”

Who do you think will win The Voice?

Here is Michelle Chamuel’s final performance.


Do you think Chamuel is going to win The Voice?

And just so you can make an informed decision, here are the final performances from Danielle Bradbery and the Swon Brothers.

Who do you think will be The Voice winner?