Justin Bieber Hits Photographer With Car But Won’t Face Charges [Video]

Justin Bieber hit a photographer last night with his car.

Don’t worry, the photographer is all right, and it doesn’t look like Justin will be facing any charges.

According to TMZ, police will not be pursuing hit and run charges against Bieber and placed the blame for the accident on the over-eager photographer.

Bieber was leaving the Laugh Factory last night when he was surrounded by the paparazzi. The singer nearly ran over one of his bodyguards as he tries to pulls out on the street and then motioned for all of the photographers to get out of his way.

Once the street is cleared, Bieber starts driving his infamous white Ferrari, but he only makes it a few feet before he runs into a photographer.

The photographer was reportedly taken to the hospital, it’s unclear what injuries they suffered, and police opened an investigation into the case.


Bieber will not be charged with a hit and run, however, as police determined that he was not at fault for the accident.

Here’s a video from TMZ.

Bieber may have escaped this incident without any legal charges but the singer could soon face a few fines for reckless driving in his neighborhood. The singer’s white Ferrari has been seen speeding through the streets near his California home, and his neighbors are fed up with it. Justin says that he hasn’t been driving the car. The investigation is ongoing.