Big bats that might be on the move

Now that the All Star game is over, and we are moving past the slowest sports news day on the entire calendar, we can now move towards big time trade speculation. The next big event in the MLB season is the trade deadline, and contenders will be looking to add some punch to make a run at a division title, and the others will be looking to sell off as much as they can, as they look to rebuild. For today let us look at a few big time bats that may be moved within the next few weeks.

1.Lance Berkman, Houston Astros– He wants out and the team is rebuilding. Someone looking for a big bat is likely to come calling. Of course he has a no trade clause, and wants a new team to pick up his 15 million dollar 20111 option.

2.Derek Lee, Chicago Cubs– He will be a free agent, and the Cubs are pretty awful. That usually means a deal will get done and I fully expect a contender to come calling. I suspect the LA Angels to make a big push for him.

3.Vernon Wells, Toronto Blue Jays– sure he is playing well, but they owe him 86 million dollars. that has big market team written all over it.

4.Jose Guillen, KC Royals– He has over 6 million dollars on his contract and he will be a free agent. He would be a perfect power hitting DH for a club looking to make a run.

5.Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers– He wants a big deal in the 200 million dollar range, and he is signed through 2011. With Scott Boras as his agent the Brewers may look to deal him away

6.Adam Dunn, Washington Nationals– He will be a free agent and several teams are sure to be interested. Kenny Williams of the White Sox wants this guy bad.