Bike Parking That Sucks Your Two-Wheeler Underground

When it comes to parking your bike, the issues of location, availability, and safety are all important – which is why you might want to consider storing it underground from now on.

As bikes continue to a popular alternative mode of transport, the issue of storage is one that can’t be ignored. It definitely wouldn’t make sense to lay down huge new slabs of asphalt to store all of the bicycles. Doing so would be a sure fire way to undermine the positive effects cycling has on the environment.

A more creative solution comes out of Japan – the Eco Cycle Anti-Seismic Underground Bicycle Park. Instead of the need for huge slabs of concrete and open space, it stores your bike vertically underground.

Built by Japanese engineering firm Giken Seisakusho Co. LTD, the underground bike parking is just seven meters wide, but deep enough to store 144 bicycles. The storage facility is also strong enough to withstand earthquakes, which should put your mind at ease when it comes to thieves.

All you have to do to get access your bike is enter a pincode specific to you. The underground spiral on which your bike is stored, will then maneuver your emission-free vehicle it to the street-level, allowing you to ride off happily into the sunset.


Following recent issues about New York’s Citibike stations taking up too much space, it seems the city could quite easily solve it’s problem by following the example fo Japan and their minimalist approach to bicycle storage.

As more and more concepts are being shifted from a horizontal to a vertical perspective, the space saving and environment effects are potentially far-reaching.

What do you think about the subterranean storage facility? Would you feel safe leaving your bike in an underground parking lot?

Image via Danny Choo