Bus Driver Punches Passenger For Using Wrong Metro Card [Video]

A bus driver from Phoenix, Arizona was arrested on Friday evening after he repeatedly punched and kicked a 21-year-old man who attempted to use an incorrect metro card.

Todd Allen Shields is being charged with assault as well as disorderly conduct and criminal damage after the 45-year-old attacked the individual because he used a reduced-fare metro card that was intended for minors.

The man is reportedly doing fine and only sustained minor injuries despite the brutal assault whilst Shields has been put on “investigative leave” by his employer.

The incident took place on Friday evening when Shields’ bus was stopped at the Montebello and 19th Avenue bus stop in Phoenix. The young man then looked to get onto the automobile with the incorrect card, and Shields decided to ask him for ID as he didn’t believe he was young enough to use the card.

The man decided he didn’t want to show Shields any kind of identification, and this lead to the altercation. First they began to shout at each other, and then it became more verbally heated before the bus driver then threw him off the bus.


Desirae Madrid was on the bus when the fight started, and she decided to document it all. You can watch a video of the ordeal below.

Madrid stated, “The bus driver stood up and picked him up to where the kid’s feet was literally off the floor and threw him out and I just remember seeing the kid fly off the other side of the little block that’s there and his feet were literally in the air.”

Shields then apparently punched and kicked the man and even slammed his head onto a metal bench before a man looked to break up the fight. Madrid then called the police, and she was disgusted by his actions, adding, “He is the driver and deals with the public every day. He is supposed to be professional.”

What do you think should happen to Todd Allen Shields?