Chinese Baggage Handler Caught On Camera Carelessly Throwing Boxes Onto Plane [Video]

The original clip was originally over four minutes long and showcases the baggage handler attempting to move the cardboard boxes onto an airplane. However, his efforts are so wayward that most of them miss his target and are left scattered across the tarmac in disarray as they simply bounce off.

Even though his efforts are woeful, and it’s clear that he has a lot of work to complete because of his inadequacy, the man takes a break to answer his mobile phone and then a colleague arrives to help him place the cargo back on-board.

The video took off after it was posted onto YouTube by Mark Bridgman under the title, “China Air-Freight Handlers at Guangzhou Airport – No Care Policy?”

The man was throwing the boxes onto a China Southern Airlines plane, which it would appear that Bridgman was a traveler on, and he is repeatedly astounded by what he is a witness too.


The Australian remarks, “These blokes don’t give a damn. What a half-witted idiot. More end up on the ground than are going on the conveyer belt. Don’t put your air freight with China Southern.”

He then goes on to proclaim, “He’s going to have to handle them all twice because most of them are on the ground. Fricking turkey. What an idiot. Goodness knows what’s in there. Hope it’s not fragile.”

Bridgman goes on to state that he has witnessed this occur on more than one occasion. He even saw Japanese sewing machines, which were blazoned with stickers that read “this way up” and “fragile, handle with care” on them being treated in the same manner.

What do you think should happen to this employee? Should he be sacked?