Fox Cub With Head Stuck In Jar Gets Help From Humans [Video]

A fox cub got his head stuck in a jar, somehow, in a Russian forest. The little guy was probably just looking for some food. Some hikers passing by were able to get close to the animal and free it.

It is a tricky thing to help wild animals in distress since one never knows whether they’re going to allow the help from people.

In this case, the cub was friendly enough, or at least not too scared of human contact, and let its rescuers do their work. That, or it realized that it couldn’t do without the assistance.

It seemed that the fox is seeking the help actually, as it cautiously approaches a group of hikers and lets one of them touch its head and set it free from the jar.

This is another instance in which human waste has led an animal to find itself in trouble. This fox cub is not the only one that needed help from humans; last week, a white-tailed deer in Minnesota was also rescued by people.

In that case. the deer got stuck in a jar as well, but the poor fellow was not as trusting as the fox and the rescue was more complicated than simply letting the jar loose from the animal’s head.

The American deer rescue required a cable noose and 10-foot catch pole.


The moral of the story is that, if you go camping, make sure to pick up after yourself. Littering is dangerous for animals who, many times are hungry and only looking for food but can end up in serious trouble.

Jars are especially dangerous if they have food remnants, as animals will smell it and try to get it, ending up stuck as in these two cases.

If it wasn’t for the coincidence of humans finding these two wild animals, who knows what might have become of them. Watch the good Samaritans that help the fox cub get its head out of that jar.