‘Breaking Amish’ Brings New Cast To Los Angeles For Season 2

Breaking Amish is headed to Los Angeles, and several new faces are coming along for the ride.

The hit TLC show is coming back for a brand new season in just a few short weeks. Instead of following several young Amish people in New York City as they experience life in the modern world, the cast will instead head to the West Coast.

According to UPI, five new cast members are on-board for the next round of Breaking Amish. The season premiere is currently scheduled to air on the network next month.

Here’s what TLC had to say about new season:

This season features brighter skies — and darker secrets — as the cast leave their homes and venture west to live together, experiencing a lot of fake firsts along the way. Though they share similar backgrounds, they find their lives to be very different, and must not only work to adjust to a new city, but to each other as well. Their entire lives are at stake, as their family, faith, and community may reject them completely based on the decision to venture west.

The new Breaking Amish cast includes Pennsylvania natives Iva, Lizzie, and Matt. While Iva and Lizzie have reportedly attempted to build a life outside of the community in the past, this will be Matt’s first attempt at integrating with the English.

“Sometimes a car goes whizzing past, and it’s just like ‘Why can’t I be in that car?'” 19-year-old Iva said in TLC’s official press release.

Also on-board for the new season are 21-year-olds Betsy and Devon. Betsy hails from Ohio, while Devon comes from Indiana. According to People, both are said to be struggling with their place in the Amish community. All five are hoping the trip to Los Angeles will give them a fresh perspective on life.


Catch a sneak peek of season two by checking out the video below.

Are you a fan of TLC’s Breaking Amish? Are you planning to catch the season premiere when it airs on July 10?

[Top Image via TLC]