Today in food freebies: Panda Express

Since the internet seems to have a larger population of the hungry, slacky type, chain food freebies always draw a lot of interest.

Today, Chinese chain Panda Express is throwing its hat in the e-coupon freebie ring, with a one-day-only offer good for some free Thai Cashew Chicken at any Panda Express location. Although there’s no catch, the offer does seem to require printing, which always seems so dated to me. Not everyone has a printer, and if the idea is to get people in the door, requiring printing is a pretty stupid idea. But if you don’t want a lot of people to redeem the offer, why distribute a coupon in the first place? Are you listening, Panda Express? Embrace the mobile coupon.

According to a Salt Lake Tribune blogger, the portion size is kind of tiny, so don’t go driving twenty miles each way in hopes of a free lunch:

The last time Panda Express had an offer like this, the serving size was very small, but tasty. I wouldn’t make a separate trip for this freebie, but if you’re in the area, it may make a nice treat!

The coupon is available here, and you can order straight up non-free lunch from Panda Express here.